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The products of our store are the perfect combination of a real reliability and durability. We assure you that our goods have a great number of advantages and it is very important for your safety.

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All you need to make your work place better work place, items to help you and motivate you to work safely, including heat stress program, work at height accessories and back support, .

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We extended our scoop of supply to lifting equipment, drum lifter, trucks and other will help you to work better and safer, high quality products made in USA, engineering and special requests are welcome.

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Cooling Towel: Dampen this synthetic space age towel to create a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air.

10,00 €

We observe only branded commodities policy. You can buy the premium quality goods at a fair price. Our company cares...

36,95 €
36,95 €

Bump Cap with LED lighting technology: Protection against cranial bumps and bruises from a state-of-the-art shell;...

50,00 €

Neoprene Eyewear Lanyard: Lightweight neoprene lanyard stretches to fit a wide variety of frame styles.

DM-1100 Ergonomic Drum Handler Traditional devices require drum weight to maintain a positive lock. If a drum bounces during fork truck transportation, the drum may momentarily become weightless, which can cause the grip to snap open dropping the drum. The patented Auto Grip Lock automatically locks the jaws closed, even over rough terrain. €4350.-